Custom product-solutions that profoundly impact brands, their goals, and their consumers

What We Do

Our foundation is always your purpose as we build models to encourage meaningful commercialized development.

Brand & Product Development

Further improve product quality and consumer experience to better enhance brand authority, market share, and value.

Social Commerce Marketing 

Implementation of the latest promotional strategies, including influencer/ digital marketing and PR, to increase brand recognition alongside product awareness.

Distribution Modeling
& Product Positioning

A tactical outline that details how to strategically place your products into brick or click retailers... and keep them there.

How We do it

Our approach is a unique blend of the 3P’s and the 3S’s to better establish the 3R’s. 

Product, Positioning, and Promotion

Your product and your goals are the intent for all that we do. We dedicate time to fully understand your product, its concept, and purpose. It is through careful product analysis where we develop clear messaging that identifies with a specific consumer base and retailers.

Sales, Strategy, and Solutions

We then develop a comprehensive business plan that hones your product, its messaging, and ideal end-user. Each strategy within is geared for your long-term growth supported by practical financial models.

Relevance, Resonance, Revenue

With every product, we pursue impact. Our network equips our clients with the resources needed to create and sell an effective and memorable product in a way that helps exceed revenue goals and consumer expectations.

CBG Network

CBG works with brands on deciding what channels are right for them to ensure they are always targeting their ideal audience. Strategic placement includes channels such as club, mass, masstige, prestige, department and specialty stores -- no retailer is the same and everyone of them offers unique opportunities and value.