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product meets retail

Meet Collective Brand Group

We don’t do shortcuts, we do efficiencies

We are a strategically creative product-solutions agency in support of indie brands and their creations. 

With our organized network of product innovators and brand developers, we make it our mission to successfully place your goods in front of viable retailers and consumers. 

Offering A Full-Service Marketing Mix That Delivers Results

We provide custom-tailored marketing that profoundly impacts brands and their goals. 

The approach -- a unique combination of the three P’s product, positioning, promotion and our three S’s strategy, sales, solutions. The results -- relevance, resonance, then revenue.

Our foundation is always “your purpose” as we build models to encourage commercial development from A-Z.

Meet Our Retail Partners

We work with a range of premium retail brands

Meet Elle

Her career started in Philadelphia where she cut her teeth in finance working for an institutional investment firm. After relocating to Southern California nearly 11 years ago, Elle went on to work in sales and marketing for premium beauty brands.
She successfully bridged the gap between her marketing and finance background to develop a diverse private equity investment portfolio featuring brands within the beauty, wellness, as well as food & beverage categories. 
That passion for developing brands grew quickly and her focus on profitability and market forecasting came naturally. Elle implemented strategies that ultimately launched brands into new and successful markets, forging invaluable relationships with global retail planners and suppliers. 
It only makes sense that she established Collective Brand Group, her agency that brings more concepts to consumers with unique, solution-based consumer packaged goods. This is where she takes brands from indie to mass. 

Today Elle is an obsessed dog mom of three, a health and fitness enthusiast, and a true believer that retail therapy is a thing...because it is. She practices this often and could be the very reason for her product-to-retail success.